Measure your campaign effectiveness

In this day and age your advertising budget is under greater scrutiny than ever before and maximising every advertising dollar is one of your top priorities. However businesses large and small are struggling to understand which of their marketing efforts are actually delivering the desired results. Enter call tracking.


4 Reasons

With the phone having such an important role in the online landscape, it is imperative to track these phone leads. So what are the key reasons why online advertisers and businesses alike, now rely on call tracking to improve conversion rates and return on investment (ROI).


The Hidden Leads

One of the challenges for increasing leads and sales is finding a cost effective strategy capable to drive results in the short term. Before investing thousands of dollars in new programs or campaigns, companies should maximise results from its current marketing activities by uncovering sales leads hidden within their organisations. This guide will introduce some information on this source of leads and a quick formula to quantify its value.

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