How can AVANSER help me?
AVANSER captures the details of every call in real time so you don't lose any sales opportunities due to missed, unanswered or abandoned calls. AVANSER also helps you to optimise your advertising spend by providing you with invaluable insights into which advertising more effectively delivers leads.
How will I be notified of my missed calls?
An instant email alert is sent when a call is missed. This allows you to call the customer back before the sales lead goes cold.
Do I need to change my existing phone numbers or phone system?
No. All calls will continue to be directed to your current phone lines and there is no interruption in your telephone service.There is no need to install any additional hardware or software. AVANSER is a fully hosted service.
How does AVANSER's online call tracking work?
AVANSER uses Dynamic Numbers which enable online marketers to automatically display unique tracking numbers on a website according to the specific keyword, PPC ad, search engine, referring website or banner ad to track which online traffic sources generate phone leads.
Can AVANSER integrate call data into Google Analytics or any other 3rd party platforms?
Yes. AVANSER's advanced API enables you to gain greater control over your online marketing efforts by integrating call data directly into your Google Analytics account. AVANSER also integrates into a number of other marketing measurement and analytics tools, including Google Adwords and Google DoubleClick.
How soon can I start using the AVANSER service?
We can have the service fully configured and ready to use within 2 to 3 business days.
Are we locked into any contracts if we decide to try AVANSER?
No. AVANSER does not provide service on a contract basis. We only ask for 30 days written advance notice if you wish to end the service.
Do I need to buy any software or hardware if we decide to try AVANSER?
No, AVANSER is a fully hosted service and there is no software or hardware for you to purchase or install.