AVANSER Dynamic Numbers enable online marketers to automatically display a unique tracking number on a website according to the specific keyword, PPC ad, search engine, referring website or banner ad to track which online traffic sources generate phone leads.

With full integration of call data into Google Analytics and Adwords optimizing campaigns to call conversion and increasing your ROI is simple.

Using only real-time data ensures the highest level of data accuracy and provides actionable and timely business intelligence for your clients campaigns.


  • Identify which keywords are delivering results
  • Integrate call data into Google Analytics and other 3rd party platforms
  • Determine exact cost per lead for online campaigns
Google DoubleClick
Marin Software
Google Adwords
Google Analytics

AVANSER’s advanced API enables you to centralise your data and reporting platforms with integration into a number of other marketing measurement and analytics tools, including the entire Google Stack (GA, Adwords and DoubleClick), as well as AB testing platforms such as Optimizely.

"...working together with AVANSER can truly give you a true return on investment of every marketing dollar spent. If you are not using AVANSER you should be, and you are crazy if you don't."

ZAK SABOUNE - Managing Director

Zak Saboune

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With a comprehensive suite of features and reports as standard, 1300/1800 and Geo-local tracking numbers from just RM20 per month and flat call rates we have a tracking solution for businesses of all sizes.

Included features & services

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Instant Missed Call Email Notifications

Never miss an opportunity, receive instant missed call email alerts

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Call Recording

Record all calls, and stream them instantly or download for later use

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Call Whisper

Identifying voice message to your staff prior to answering the call

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Real Time Reporting

Keep track of your calls and opportunities

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Full Caller ID*

*Except blocked numbers, unique reference numbers are assigned to blocked numbers

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13 Standard Reports

Receive summaries and activity reports through your Web Access

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Multi-user Web Access

Access real time online reports any time, and give different access levels to your staff

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Full level Admin & Tech Support


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Google Analytics Integration


Once-Off RM500 Setup fee gets you a fully hosted solution including setup of
1 x Dynamic Geo-local tracking number. With No Hardware or Software needed, and No Locked in Contracts