With AVANSER’s call tracking solution you capture useful details on every phone call into the business, regardless of whether it was answered or not.

Any unanswered calls along with the details of that call are logged in real time within the portal. This provides you with an opportunity to take immediate action before the sales lead goes cold to return any missed calls. PLUS you and or multiple members of staff can receive instant notifications by email or SMS.

3 Types of Missed Calls:

  • Unanswered – The call rang out
  • Busy – The caller reached an engaged signal
  • Abandoned – Call was initiated but never connected

Call Details

  • Time / Date
  • Calling Number
  • Answer Point
  • The Ad Source that generated the call
  • Location of call (landline only)
  • Status (Busy, Missed, Abandoned)
  • Audio message (if applicable)