Calls handled by the AVANSER platform can be directed to a single answer point or to any of pre-nominated answer points depending on a number of criteria (Complex routing).

There are a number of complex routing methods that AVANSER employs to handle a call. These methods can be used individually or collectively, thus offering a comprehensive suite of rules by which calls can be handled in a flexible and fully customisable manner.

Summary of Call Handling Products

  • Call Forwarding
  • Time Based Routing (TBR)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Dynamic IVR
  • Exchange Based Routing (EBR)
  • Post Code Prompting (PCP)
  • Call Rotator
  • Text notification (SMS)
  • Custom routing
  • Caller Number Based Routing, plus more..

The AVANSER platform is built with flexibility and extensibility in mind, allowing many more features to be added without taxing performance or complexity.

New features are continually being added – email to enquire about the latest feature set, or request a feature that you would like to see added.